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Habitat for Humanity of Evansville believes all hard-working individuals and families should have access to the benefits and stability of homeownership, and seeks to fulfill that vision by providing opportunities for those who qualify. The labor of volunteers and future homeowner families, efficient building methods, modest house sizes, generous house sponsors and no-profit loans make it affordable for low-income families to purchase Habitat houses.

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Check out the video below for a detailed explaination of the qualifications and process to apply for Habitat.

Interested in homeownership?

Fill out this form and you will receive information about the next Application Fair. PLEASE NOTE - THIS FORM IS NOT AN APPLICATION FOR HOMEOWNERSHIP. By completing this form, you are expressing interest in learning more about Habitat.

1) Do you have the ABILITY TO PAY? (to qualify, all must be true):
I do not have collections, liens or judgments
I have not been discharged from bankruptcy in the last four years
My house hold income does not exceed 80% of the area median income based on the number of people living in my household
I can afford to pay approximately $350 a month on a no-interest mortgage
2) Do you have a NEED? (to qualify, at least one must be true):
I am paying too much for rent and/or utilities
My current living situation is overcrowded
My current living situation has major problems that my landlord will not fix or I am unable to fix myself
My current living situation is not safe
3) Are you WILLING TO PARTNER with Habitat for Humanity? (to qualify, all must be true):
Yes, I am willing to work 300 hours (sweat-equity hours) on my home and the homes of others
Yes, I am willing to attend home ownership workshops
First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:

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