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The Construction Committee is  responsible for overseeing construction activities of Habitat for Humanity of Evansville. This work is targeted at a strategy and policy level, thus should not be confused with the day-to-day management provided by the Construction Director.

Summary of Duties

The Committee will:

•     Work with the site selection committee to ascertain appropriate properties and develop pre-acquisition budget estimates. 

•     Develop and present appropriate house plans to the Board of Directors for approval.

  • Spend sufficient time on building sites to understand cost, quality, safety and stewardship oversight responsibilities.
  • Develop and present for approval, strategic initiatives that ensure that the affiliate continues to progress towards key strategic objectives such as: sustainability, capacity, succession, quality, etc.

•     Advise the Board of Directors on policy changes that relate to house design, project specifications and stewardship of resources.

•     Meet monthly at a time appointed by the chairperson.

•     Ensure positive, productive communication with the Family Support Committee.

  • Provide direction for and improve the construction process via: standards, specifications, budgets, goals and policies.



Steve Smith

Construction Director

(812) 423-5623 ext. 23 or ssmith@evansvillehabitat.org





Current Members

Tom Bailey, Jim Havens (chair), George Neireiter, Wesley Rees, Steve Smith, Andrea Ward, Kerry Wire

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