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CountryMark is Indiana’s only American-owned oil exploration, production, refining and marketing company. The company produces 3,500 barrels per day of Illinois Basin crude oil, refines 27,000 barrels per day of American crude oil, sells a million gallons of lubricants per year, and is recognized as a leader in the distribution of biodiesel and ethanol. Fourteen local cooperatives deliver CountryMark fuels and lubricants, and there are more than 100 CountryMark branded fuel stations in and around the state of Indiana.

To learn more about CountryMark, please visit http://www.countrymark.com

CountryMark is sponsoring a home for Reverend Myers and Anna Hyman, which will be constructed at the corner of Second and Maple Street in Mt. Vernon. Construction will begin in 2013 and the Hyman's plan to move in by Thanksgiving to celebrate the holidays in their new home. 

“On behalf of our employees, we are happy to support the Habitat ministry and individuals like Pastor Hyman and his wife Anna, who give generously of their time and talents to our community,” said CountryMark CEO Charlie Smith. The Hyman house will mark the second Habitat home CountryMark has built in as many years in Mt. Vernon.


Reverend Myers and Anna Hyman Biography

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