“I want to know I have a place that’s truly mine… I’ve had people hold my housing over my head. This will be something that can’t be taken away from me.”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner

Addysanne is a friendly young woman with a vibrant, enthusiastic and open personality. She splits her time between the bank where she is employed and attending college as a fulltime student. She is close to receiving her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Though free time is scarce between working, completing schoolwork and putting in hours towards the Habitat homeownership program, when she has it, she enjoys fishing and bow hunting for deer as well as singing.

Currently, Addysanne has made a temporary move to live at home with her parents, grandparents, brother, and cousin in Henderson, though she commutes into Evansville for work each morning. She was previously familiar with Habitat as her mom had volunteered, and then worked for, Habitat for Humanity of Henderson for years. “Even before my mom actually worked there, we were involved [with Habitat]. She did a work program with them after she was injured at her job, and I would come by while she was doing that and help her out in the ReStore, things like that.”

She’s been hard at work since her acceptance, having recently reached her first benchmark: 100 out of 300 necessary hours of sweat equity. Most of those hours have been accumulated by doing community service, taking required homeownership classes or helping out in the Habitat ReStore. “I’ve been on the construction sites a few times, but so far I’ve mostly been doing the ReStore. John [the manager] and his wife Robin have been very supportive and great at talking me through everything. Robin comes out on Saturdays to volunteer, too. They seem to really like having me there and they’ve really been in my corner. John is fun to work with and he looks out for all of us [future homeowners].”

“I’m a lot busier,” she adds, “but I think the best part of the program that has helped me the most is the Money Management Seminar. I am young, and I’ve made certain financial decisions, but for the first time I’m figuring out how to really balance things [with my budget.]. My budget partner, Amy Allen, has been really great. I didn’t even know what a debt to income ratio was before I started the program. Now I should actually be out of credit card debt by the time I move in [to my home].”

In the fall and winter, Addysanne will spend more time on build sites, both her own as well as others, but luckily, she’s ready for the challenge. “I was really nervous on the first build site… I didn’t know the first thing about putting a house together… but I got out there to do hurricane rackets and the Core Crew explained everything and were very patient and I’m grateful for that.” When all is said and done, she will know she put her own sweat and tears into a secure, stable home for herself.

“I want to know I have a place that’s truly mine,” she explains. “I’ve had people hold my housing over my head. This will be something that can’t be taken away from me.” With the affordable mortgage payments, low utility bills and saved money from her balanced budget, Addysanne will also be able to further herself and her career. “I think the thing I’m most excited about is I’m gonna continue going to school and have a space that is my own where I can have an office space and where I can focus on my career and my future.” She is also looking forward to decorating and creating a welcoming space, and letting her little brother come over and stay. It will be a new home to make family memories in!