“This home will mean security. It means I did it. It’ll be mine. It will mean that faith without work is dead. I had faith in myself to get this house and here I am.”


Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner
Alexis G.

Alexis is a single mother working to give her daughter, Aubree (1), a stable place to grow up. Alexis currently works as the activities instructor at Easter Seals Rehab Center in the Aspire Day Program department. “My day to day job is pulling clients in my room and doing hands-on activities like games, reading, dancing, and going out into the community – like lunch or shopping. It’s a very hands-on position,” Alexis says. When she’s not at work, Alexis loves spending time with her daughter. “Aubree is so sweet, and she’s already full of personality. She’s very independent and a little feisty and sassy. We love to read books and sing and dance. I think she likes to help cook because she always grabs the spoon,” Alexis laughs.

Alexis and Aubree are currently staying in an apartment, but Alexis doesn’t want to stay in a lease. Before living in the apartment, Alexis lived with her mother. “I was just young and doing my own thing thinking I could live with my mom forever and I just didn’t have a care in the world. But I knew when I got pregnant with my daughter I needed to step up. I put on my big girl booties and did what needed to be done.”

I made my decision to join Habitat on July 11, 2017, when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter,” Alexis says. “I knew I wanted to give her a good life and always have a home to come back to.” Now in the program, Alexis remembers the roller coaster of finding out she was accepted. “Susan from Habitat called to let me know I was accepted while I was in the middle of labor! I had tears of pain and joy at that moment.”

Since partnering with Habitat, Alexis is keeping her eyes on the prize. “My life changed since joining Habitat because I learned that I need to have better time management. I’m a single mom, and I work, and I’m trying to get my sweat equity hours in and it’s hard to balance it all,” Alexis says. “But it’s a happy stressed. I’m stressed about having to be places all the time, but I know I’m stressing for a good reason because, in the end, it will all be worth it.”

Once moved into her new Habitat home, Alexis plans to go back to school to get a nursing degree. With a lower mortgage, Alexis will be able to save money for future plans. “This home will mean security,” Alexis says. “I’ll know it’s mine and I feel like I have a little more financial room because I’ll have a nice mortgage. It means I did it. It’ll be mine. It will mean that faith without work is dead. I had faith in myself to get this house, and here I am.”

I don’t know how to put it into words … I’m just happy. It’s mine.”