“I’m so thankful to have people take a chance on me. This home is setting up my family for success.”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowners

Camron is the loving father of one son, Khi’rell, who is only 19 months old. He loves to play basketball and fish, two passions that he can’t wait to share with his son when he’s older. He cherishes every second he gets to spend with his son and wants to give him the best life possible.

Camron works in the construction industry as an operator for IUOE Local 181, where he’s been for over a year. He currently lives in an older duplex with poor insulation, which often makes it challenging to keep the place comfortable for his newborn son and leads to high energy bills. As a result, Camron often feels like he’s fighting an uphill battle to save money for him and his son’s future.

As a child, Camron spent much of his time in a foster home and never had a place to truly call his own. “I’ve bounced from house to house all my life,” says Camron. “I don’t want my son to go through that.” That drive, along with some encouragement from Jessica Welcher, Executive Director of Community One, motivated him to apply for a Habitat home. He didn’t think he would be accepted into the Habitat program but has been working nonstop ever since to complete his sweat equity hours and get into his new home as soon as possible.

Thanks to the Habitat classes, Camron has learned a lot about what homeownership entails and how to achieve financial stability. He loves every minute he gets to spend working at the ReStore and building with the Core Crew. “They are taking time out of their day to help me and I’m so thankful,” he says. He is also grateful for all the other future homeowners he has met throughout this journey who have now become like family to him.

Once his Habitat home is complete, Camron feels like he will finally have a place he can truly call home. He looks forward to the days when he can have backyard cookouts and a safe yard in which his son can grow up and play. He believes this house is going to open many doors for him and his family and allow them to be able to save money for the first time in his life. “I’m thankful to have people willing to take a chance on me. This is setting my family up for success,” he says.