“You can live in houses, one after another, but you just need one special place with family and friends to call it a home.”


Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner
Chanel F.

Chanel F. is the mother of five children: Ke’Osha (22), Brian (20), Ke’Vion (19), Nevaeh (8), and Re’Zion (4). For fun, Chanel and her family enjoy spending afternoons at the park and going on family outings. Chanel currently works at Deaconess in Hospice and Home Health and takes care of terminal hospice patients. Her favorite part of her job is going into other people’s homes and helping them take care of their loved ones. “I know moments like these can be a burden on families, so it’s nice being able to go in and help them relieve some of that stress,” Chanel says.

Before she learned about Habitat, Chanel says she sometimes struggled with being a single mother with financial instability. “Living paycheck to paycheck was hard, and I struggled to maintain what I had and to provide for my kids,” says Chanel. Now, she lives in a four-bedroom house that needs a lot of work, but the landlord won’t help. On top of that, the house is infested with mice. Chanel is more than ready for a change.

Chanel had seen Habitat building in neighborhoods around her, and she was interested in someday owning her own home too. She applied for a home three times before she got approved. “The third time was the charm. It was a blessing because at that point I was ready to give up,” says Chanel. “The only reason I didn’t give up was because of my kids. I want them to have a nice place to call home.”

My life has changed dramatically since I began partnering with Habitat. It’s been a blessing all in itself.” Chanel is working hard on achieving her sweat equity hours, and she’s way ahead of where she’s supposed to be. Her son has been helping out on the build sites with her too, and she’s really looking forward to finally moving into her Habitat home.

Because of the stability that homeownership will offer, Chanel can now work toward becoming a certified medical assistant. She will be getting a degree, and then a home, which makes this season of life very special. She says that she won’t have to worry about getting evicted any longer. “You can live in houses, one after another, but you just need one special place with family and friends to call it home.”