“No matter how old you are, your dreams can come true!  It is never too late!”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner
Clifton H.

Clifton and Dorothy are a couple who are young at heart and enthusiastic about their ongoing journey toward homeownership.  They enjoy the simpler things in life: spending afternoons in the park, staying home and watching movies, listening to music.  “We have a good bunch of kids, and we like to visit with our grandchildren – a little less right now, with the pandemic of course.”

Clifton and Dorothy currently live in two separate apartments, but they regularly spoke of one day owning a home where they could be together.  The last year has not always been kind to them as they’ve battled various health issues and surgeries.  In the faces of these difficulties, Dorothy explains, their new home will bring them a sense of security.  “Clifton wanted us to live together. That way we can watch out for each other.”

One day while shopping in the Habitat ReStore, the couple saw information about Habitat’s homeownership program.  “I called the office and asked for more info and we went from there! We are blessed to have inquired about Habitat.”

Now, over 100 hours into their sweat equity with Habitat, Clifton and Dorothy are on a steady path to becoming homeowners.  “At this point in time, we have taken the homeowner’s course and even been given a blueprint of what our home will look like inside and out when we finish.  We are really excited and so is our whole family!”  The couple adds that the entire Habitat team has really helped them throughout the process.  “The Habitat family has been good to us and blessed us in many ways, and so has God.  We appreciate it.”

Life for Clifton and Dorothy will be simpler once they can move into their new home and be together every day without traveling.  They are excited for things to settle down so they can invite their grandkids over.  It has been a long time coming, and the couple is excited for this big step in their lives.  “No matter how old you are, your dreams can come true!  It is never too late!”