“Our future will include a safe and happy home, one where my son can grow and thrive.”


Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner
E’Lexis L.

E’Lexis is a single mother of one son, Jalye (3). They love spending time together and doing everything possible from watching movies together, going to the park, going to the Pumpkin Patch, Trick-or-Treating, and the new tradition of “Elf on a Shelf.” E’Lexis works as a pharmacy technician licensed in Indiana. As a pharmacy tech, she assists the pharmacist in processing prescriptions, counting pills, verifying and processing insurance, and waiting on customers.

E’Lexis has been living with her aunt and grandmother since high school because her home life wasn’t great. Since Jalye was born, they have continued to share one bedroom. “It’s a very nice house, but Jalye and I have to share one small bedroom and have little privacy.”

One of Habitat’s homeowners, Mallory, had her home dedication in February of 2018. “Mallory is one of my best friends and my son’s godmother. I attended her dedication and learned about Habitat there,” E’Lexis says. “It seemed like a long process with obtaining and submitting documents, but everyone at Habitat was wonderful to work with, patient, and very helpful.”

Life as a future Habitat homeowner is a bit hectic, but E’Lexis knows it will be well worth it. “I’ve always been fairly organized, but I’m learning to be much more organized and focused,” E’Lexis says. “I’m learning about myself, and I have a really special feeling of accomplishment. My self-confidence has really increased.”

Once in their new home, E’Lexis plans to pursue her national certification for pharmacy technicians. E’Lexis would like to plant flowers, cookout, and let Jalye have friends come to play. This has been a long road, but E’Lexis is excited about their own little adventure. She says, “Since my son was born, my main goal has been to provide a home for him, one we can call our own. I really don’t think I would be able to provide that without Habitat for Humanity. Traditional loans would be beyond my reach for a long time. Our future will include a safe and happy home, one where my son can grow and thrive.”