“I’m very blessed to live in a city that comes together as a community and volunteers their time to help others.”


Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner
Jennifer M.

Jennifer M. is a hardworking mother of ten-year-old twins. Jennifer says her kids are very talented; her daughter loves to draw, and her son plays the guitar. As a family, they like to go to parks, plant flowers, garden, watch birds, and play board games. Jennifer enjoys singing and going to church at Christian Fellowship Church. Jennifer works at St. Vincent Medical Group in the cardiac wing. “I do the credentialing, and I enjoy it. I love working there, and I love my team,” Jennifer says.

Several years ago, Jennifer went through a divorce and subsequently moved her kids in with her parents. “Everyone has their privacy, which is good, but there’s a lot of people in the house. My parents are getting older, and they’re about to retire. I want them to enjoy their retirement,” Jennifer says. “I want to have a home for my family, and it’s just the matter of finding help to get one. Sometimes people need a little extra help, and that’s how we came across Habitat.”

Jennifer had known about Habitat for a long time but didn’t think she qualified. “I used to work for 4C of Southern Indiana, and I’ve directed other families to Habitat if they needed that assistance. For some reason I didn’t think I qualified until I saw the 500 homes celebration,” Jennifer says. “I went to the website and was shocked that I did qualify. Everything was lined up. I never wanted to get a home that needed a lot of work because I didn’t want “work” to be the memory of our first home. That would not be successful; it would be a quick fix, and we needed a permanent fix.” Jennifer tried not to get her hopes up while waiting to hear back about her applications, but soon everything came together. “Every day I thought, ‘Should I call [Habitat]?’ But I went to the mailbox one day and got the letter,” Jennifer smiles. “I started crying tears of joy when I went inside to tell my family. We were all so excited.”

Life in the Habitat program for Jennifer equals being very busy, but she values the relationships she’s making. “I have met a lot more people that are in the same situation which is nice because it reminds me that I’m not alone in this. We’re all here for each other. We take classes together, work on homes together, and we’re always excited for each other,” Jennifer says. “I love to see how excited other homeowners are because then I start to anticipate that excitement for myself. It’s very humbling, and it’s like we’re a community. We’re here for each other building each other up and working together as a team.”

Once settled into their new home, Jennifer and her kids plan to start a garden. Jennifer is also eager to start saving for the kids’ college and her retirement plan thanks to the affordable mortgage. “I’m not going to depend on my kids to take care of me because I’m supposed to take care of them. So being able to put money back for college and for my 401k feels really good,” Jennifer says. “I’m going to feel so much better knowing that I have financial safety. The classes that we’ve had here and the tools we have learned have helped me set goals and succeed in achieving them.”

I am very humbled at the fact that there are so many people that are willing and wanting to help in this community and in this program. I never knew that our community can come together like this. It’s a great gift that I appreciate and will hold dear,” Jennifer says smiling. “I know that this city has helped put this home together, not just with money, but heart and hands too. I’m very blessed to live in a city that comes together as a community and volunteers their time to help others.”