“We will be able to save money because of the cheaper mortgage, so we might be able to visit our distant family more often and get some new furniture.”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner
Tara G.

Tara G. is a resilient woman and the loving mother to her son Eli (7).  The family has a pet cat, and on the weekends, they love visiting Tara’s parents and grandparents.  When time permits, Tara and Eli also enjoy visiting family in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.  Currently, Eli is in first grade and likes watching Sonic the Hedgehog.

Tara states, “I was sick the first couple of years of Eli’s life because I was going through chemo, so we didn’t do a whole bunch … but I beat cancer.”  Tara still struggles with short-term memory loss, but she continues to fight to make the most out of every day.  “Considering all we’ve been through, we are happy and doing okay.  We don’t complain … we just keep going.”

Tara is on disability, and the family lives in a 2-bedroom townhouse apartment.  She says, “Our downstairs basement has flooded several times.  I had renters insurance thankfully, but we are ready to leave.  Every time I look for something else, it is either too expensive or worse than our current situation.”  Tara goes on to explain, “My friend in Henderson has a Habitat house.  He was telling my family about it, and at the time, I didn’t think you could qualify for one with social security.  Once I knew you could, I decided to try and apply.”

“Applying was pretty easy.  We had a little trouble around the start due to the Coronavirus pandemic causing things to get postponed a little, but we are getting going now and moving forward.  We are just happy to get out of our apartment and do something for a few minutes!”

Since getting accepted into the Habitat homeownership program, Tara says, “I’ve been busy!  I haven’t been this busy in a long time.  My son is excited about the new house, and Habitat is giving me something to do while my son is at school.”

Tara has been working on sweat equity at the construction sites, at the ReStore, and in the Habitat Learning Center taking homeownership classes.  She states, “I really like working with the Core Crew on the construction site.  They don’t complain; they just get their stuff done and regardless of the situation [weather, training people, etc.] they are just excited to be there and to build a house.  Thank you all.”

Looking to the future, Tara says, “Eli just got a skateboard, so he is excited to live on a street where he can go out and ride.  He is also ready to have a backyard and excited about not having stairs.”  She laughs and adds, “Honestly, we are both sick of taking the stairs!”  They are both looking forward to deciding paint colors and decorating the house the way they want to make it their home.

“We will be able to save money because of the cheaper mortgage, so we might be able to visit our distant family more often and get some new furniture.”

“We will have our own 3-bedroom house, so there will be more space for us!  I’m looking forward to having a brand-new kitchen and the extra bedroom.  I am also SO excited to use my very own bathtub – which no one has ever used!”

Tara mentions, “Eli will be able to bring everything he wants to his new home, but he’s already said, he would like to donate a bunch of stuff when we move.”  Tara laughs and adds, “Our cat is going to be excited about the new space too.”