“Getting this home brings such joy to my heart.  This is something I never thought would ever happen for me ­– and now we see how God can move and work the impossible to make it POSSIBLE!”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner

Tiffanie is a hardworking single parent to her two girls, Jadayah (10) and Damaryah (9), who are only sixteen months apart but with very different personalities.  “They’re good girls,” Tiffanie says.  “They’re opposites and they fight, but they also stick up for each other.  They balance each other.”  The family is very devoted to their church and much of their time together away from the daily hustle and bustle of work and school is spent going to services, prayer groups and Bible studies.  “We go [to our church] usually 5 times a week.  But my Saturdays are for Habitat.”

Tiffanie was born in Kansas, but her family first moved to Henderson, Kentucky, when she was young.  She and her daughters currently live in Evansville and Tiffanie is employed by the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) where she’s worked her way up from part time in the cafeteria to a teacher’s assistant working with toddlers.  “I really like my job,” she shares.  “I love kids and it’s a blast working with kids that age.”  She received her CDA certification in child development and hopes to eventually be able to go back and continue her education in the field.  “Once things slow down, I’d like to go back and get my Associate’s degree.”

The family currently lives in a 2-bedroom apartment and Tiffanie is looking forward to having a home that they have true ownership of instead of reporting to and paying a landlord.  She heard about Habitat through a woman from her church who had gone through the program and decided to apply.

Since her acceptance, Tiffanie has been putting in hours on construction sites and in the ReStore, and has been taking required homeownership and budgeting classes and volunteering in the community.  “It’s fun on construction sites,” she says. “I really never realized how much I’d learn.  I also love volunteering at the ReStore.  They are so friendly out there and Robin [from the ReStore] has helped me with my friends and family hours.  One day, I’ll be back to help someone else going through the program.  I would love to help others when I can once I’m done with [my home].”

Soon construction will begin on Tiffanie’s own house – she recently selected the lot her home will stand on.  “I’m excited about building it.  I know it’s gonna be very emotional because it’s gonna be mine.  And I’m determined so I’ll get it done.”  Her daughters are already thinking ahead to move-in day and how they will decorate their rooms.  They are both excited to have their own spaces rather than sharing for the first time.  “They already know what colors they want to paint their rooms,” Tiffanie states.  “And they want a trampoline.  I’m excited to have a porch area and decorate the yard, and to hang up all my photos.”

To the donors and volunteers who are helping make her dream of homeownership a reality, Tiffanie says, “I really appreciate your kindness and all the hard work you’re putting into my home. You are a blessing. Getting this home brings such joy to my heart.  This is something I never thought would ever happen for me – it’s a dream my girls have always wanted as well ­– and now we see how God can move and work the impossible to make it POSSIBLE!  Thank you!”