St. Theresa Families Build

St. Theresa Catholic Church was a place of community for many through the years.  Families, couples and individuals attended church and hundreds of children attended its school.  This Habitat house is sponsored by the families who attended St. Theresa Parish as a way to keep its legacy of community alive. May this home provide community, neighborly love, and a place of warmth for all those who reside there through the years.

Thank you St. Theresa Families for sponsoring Habitat home #541!

Meet Homeowner, Johnte’ H.

“The perception of Habitat is very misunderstood.  People think that they just give you a house, but once I got into the program I saw what it really takes … 300 hours of sweat equity, volunteering at the ReStore, homeowner classes, and paying back an affordable mortgage.  It can be overwhelming … especially with all of my own struggles and with everything I have going on with work.  However, the people at Habitat really care.  Everyone is so upbeat and encouraging.  It has rubbed off on me!   I’ve found myself more caring, and I’ve become more involved.  It’s God at work.”

Johnte’ H.
Habitat Homeowner

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Donation Goal
Volunteer Goal
Phase Progress
  • Phase 1

    Homesite Selection

    Homeowner selects homesite from available Habitat lots. Homeowners are paired with their sponsor.

  • Phase 2


    During the groundbreaking, the foundation is completed and the block work is laid.

  • Phase 3

    Crawl Space and Floor System

    Volunteers install moisture barrier and insulation in crawl space.

    For the floor system, the floor joists are installed, more foam insulation is filled in between joists and band boards, and OSB board is laid for the flooring. Black paper is laid on the two porches to help maintain the longevity of the home.

  • Phase 4


    Wall Prep: Volunteers build wall components  (king jack studs, California corners, headers, etc.) and layout 2 x 4 location on the top and bottom plates of each wall.

    Wall Building: Wall components are nailed together on top and bottom plates with 2 x 4s. This is completed for both interior and exterior walls.

    Wall Raising: Volunteers raise, level, and secure the walls. Exterior walls go up first, followed by the interior.

    Trusses: OSB boards are laid on first and last trusses to attach the siding.

  • Phase 5

    Doors and Windows

    Volunteers install windows and doors.

  • Phase 6

    Internal Mechanics

    Plumbing, electric, insulation, and dry wall are installed.

  • Phase 7


    Pre-insulation is installed on exterior walls, doors, windows, ceiling, and floors. Baffles are put in to circulate airflow.

  • Phase 8


    Volunteers paint the walls and ceiling. Corners and edges are cut out first, then roll the ceilings, and then the walls.

  • Phase 9

    Cabinets and Appliances

    Cabinets and countertops installed.

    Later, refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washer & dryer are installed.

  • Phase 10

    Trim Work and Flooring

    Trim around windows and doors are completed. Interior doors are also installed. Vinyl and carpet are laid.

  • Phase 11

    Exterior Concrete

    Exterior concrete parking pad and sidewalks are poured.

  • Phase 12

    Yard Prep

    The yard is prepared for grass seed sewing.

  • Phase 13


    Homeowner and community members come together to bless and dedicate the home, complete with a ribbon cutting.