Home #560 | Lutheran Build

This home will be Habitat’s 560th house built in the Evansville and Mt. Vernon area and will be constructed in the Jacobsville neighborhood. The sponsor of this home is Lutherans for Habitat and is the 31st built due to the group’s efforts.  Thanks to their continued commitment to local families, Addysanne will have an affordable place to call home!

About the House Sponsor:

Since the early ’90s, the Lutherans for Habitat group has been dedicated to sponsoring one home per year for deserving family in the Habitat program. Since their first sponsorship, numerous local Lutherans have dedicated their time and energy into pivotal Habitat projects like New Haven, the Glenwood Community Initiative, and our Blitz Builds. They also helped Habitat for Humanity of Evansville reach the huge milestone of building 500 Habitat homes through the Transforming Lives, Changing Neighborhoods campaign.  Addysanne’s home is the 31st built by the group.