The House That Built Me

When Jayden was 9 years old, his mother became a Habitat homeowner, and he still remembers how he felt …

“When all the hard work was done and we got to move in, I was so excited because I never had my own room or had my own back yard.”

Fast forward 5 years and Jayden is now a proud member of the Reitz football team, making good grades with an eye on a career in law enforcement.

Jayden is only one of many children whose lives will be transformed because of Habitat homeownership.  The stability that comes from having a dependable place you can call your own cannot be overestimated.  You can plan, you can dream, you can work toward goals and most of all, you develop a positive outlook for the future.  Truly it is “The House That Built Me.”

Thank you for helping Habitat build safe, stable homes for children like Jayden.