“We get to have our own house..not an apartment, but a house!”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner

Throughout her life, Jenniece has learned that she can be persistent and accomplish her goals. She does not allow setbacks or hardships to abandon her dreams of providing a better life for her two sons, ages five and eleven. She works at Weltch Packaging, where she started as a “temp” but then went to a full-time employee. She has been there for about a year.

Currently, Jenniece and her two sons live in a two-bedroom apartment. The boys share a small bedroom but often have to play quietly so they do not disturb the neighbors. They also need more space to have a place to study or read, as well as a place where they can just be kids.

Jenniece learned about Habitat through a current Habitat homeowner. She was turned down on her first application but didn’t allow that to deter her and continued to pursue her dream. She was finally accepted into the program and was so happy to have the chance for a home of her own.

Since joining the program, she has learned so much about Habitat and herself. To her surprise, she has really enjoyed being on the construction site building home, despite this being the first time she had done anything like that. She loves the atmosphere of people working together, even though she normally does not like big social settings. At first, she was worried about how she was going to work a full-time job, be a mother to two young boys, and finish 300 sweat equity hours, but it has been much better than she anticipated. On the days she is discouraged, she just keeps telling herself, “You can do this.”

Jenniece is excited about what this home will mean for her future and for the future of her sons. It will mean stability and a chance for her boys to have lives that every kid should have. She looks forward to having her whole extended family at her home for holidays and for cookouts in her own yard. She is incredibly grateful for her sponsor and the volunteers who are helping her, and her determination, joy, and gratitude are evident each day of this journey.