Jill T.

“This home means stability for my children and me. Everyone that has helped me along this journey is a Godsend. I’m thankful and grateful that there are people out there to volunteer their time and donate money to help people like me.”

Hailee T.

"I’m so thankful for a better place for my daughter and me to be in. This home means security and an exciting new chapter that I’m so ready to begin.”

Danielle B.

“This home means that I can start a new legacy for my kids. Everything starts at home, and those memories are what’s going to last forever.”

Shannon and Brooklynne B.

“Without the donors and volunteers, there wouldn’t be a Habitat program helping us own a home. We hope everyone knows just how thankful we are for their hard work and dedication."

Sherita U.

“I wouldn’t be able to succeed in this program if it weren’t for my parents and my coworkers. I’m very thankful and excited. This home means so much for my son and me.”

Vernice J.

“I’m very grateful to all the volunteers, the Habitat staff, and my sponsor. I hope this is a partnership that will last forever.”

Jennifer M.

"I’m very blessed to live in a city that comes together as a community and volunteers their time to help others.”

Brenda B.

"This home means comfort. It’s incredible to have a place that is absolutely yours.”

Kimiko V.

“My kids and I like to lend out a helping hand to those who need it. I appreciate Habitat for lending their helping hand to my family and me.”

Tiffany S.

“To me, this home means stability and unity. We’re so ready for this change.”

Kendra J.

“It’s a relief to own a home. I’ll have financial freedom, stability, and independence. It’s a really good feeling.”