“I just praise God for Habitat.”


“I am so grateful for this opportunity. Without Habitat and all the volunteers, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this.”


"[This home] is going to take a weight off of my shoulders, knowing [my daughter] will always have a home that is ours to come back to that I helped build.”


“I’m really appreciative, I need this fresh start. It’s great that I’m going to have a brand new home I’m able to afford, and to really start over and replace the things I’ve lost.”

Dane and Peggy

“It’s exciting to know we are actually helping build [our] house. It’s gonna be amazing to help raise our own walls.”


"Being able to help on other people’s houses, you start to really feel like this is a community that has your back... It’s like a family and a team."


"This program shows there are still kind people in the world.”


“I want to know I have a place that’s truly mine... I’ve had people hold my housing over my head. This will be something that can’t be taken away from me.”


"The 6-Month Money Management and the budgeting you have to do are the real deal... you’ve gotta really budget, it’s hard work! People may think this program is a walk in the park but it’s not. I’m learning all kinds of things though!"


“I really like doing the construction. I put a wall up [on a house] which was something different I’d never done."


“I love this program! Just how it’s built… learning to budget, how to be a good neighbor, how to problem solve… All the required courses are super valuable.”
Heavan 2


"This house will mean everything. It will be more than just a house to us—this will be our forever home. This is proof that God does answer prayers, it just takes time."

McKenzie & D’zyre

“Meeting the new people has been big… we have met so many super nice and helpful people.”


“[My daughter] doesn’t fully understand what’s going on yet, but I can’t wait for her to actually see the finished house I put my sweat and tears into. [It will be] somewhere we can both grow, but not grow out of. Just knowing that it’s ours will be wonderful. It will be a place where we can live our best lives.”


“When we drive past other houses, Jacques tells me how bad she wants to have a home. She’s so excited to have a backyard to play in, and she’s so excited to be able to get a dog when we have our own yard... This house is going to be something permanent I can give my daughter. No matter what, this will be our home.”


"Habitat does a big service and  Christ is working through them… it’s a blessing to be a part of this.”

Cornelia H.

“I’m looking forward to being able to mark my kids’ heights on the walls… I’m happy about that… I’m smiling right now!  I do every time I think about our future home!”

Sarah O.

“The experience is life changing.  I will get to build our family’s home from the ground up and pick out the colors for everything; it’s so exciting!  It gives us something to look forward to.  This house will mean stability.”


“This house will mean a lot.  It will be a home for my kids and I … a place to call our own.  Becoming a homeowner has been in my plans for a while, and it will be major accomplishment when we move in.  I’m excited and proud that I’m doing something this big for my family.”