Future Habitat Homeowner

“No one can tell me that I can't do it because I did it!”

Every Homeowner Has a Story


Whitley is the mother of two young sons aged one and four. Her sons are the center of her life and her motivation for persevering when she feels overwhelmed. They love to go to the park together or have movie nights at home. Besides being a devoted single mom, she works as a CNA at Brentwood Brickyard, where she has worked for two years. She loves taking care of her patients and bonding with them. She wants to “be there for them” when they need care. She especially likes working in the memory unit, where she herself has learned patience and compassion. She hopes to continue her education in the future and become a surgical technician.

Currently, Whitley and her sons live in an apartment, where both the rent and the utilities are high. Many things are in disrepair, and it is difficult to live upstairs with two young children. She knows that with the rising costs for both housing and utilities, she would be moving constantly. She wants to provide a sense of stability for her sons and have a place they can truly call home.

Whitley has been familiar with Habitat for a while. She knows several people who have Habitat homes, but it was her mother who encouraged her to apply. She was hesitant at first because she didn’t think she would qualify. She thought about it for a year, and eventually, she applied. Her hopes for her children gave her the courage to try.

Whitley was so happy when she was notified that she had been accepted into the program that she started working towards earning her 300 hours of sweat equity the very next day. She really enjoys the hours she has spent building her own home and the homes of others. She also enjoys the hours she spends working at the ReStore. Both the Core Crew on the building sites and the staff at the ReStore have been very supportive and helped her build more confidence in herself.

She has also enjoyed the required classes, especially the ones in money management and construction. The “Fear No More” class has helped her manage anxiety and having a budget partner has reduced her stress about finances. The other future homeowners and Habitat staff have kept her going when things get tough. She always feels relaxed and comfortable around the Core Crew and the Habitat staff. She can hardly wait to pick out the paint colors of her walls and do her own decorating and landscaping.

This house means everything to Whitley. Not only will her Habitat house be a stable home, but it will also an outward sign that she can accomplish big things. She will be able to look at her home and know that she can do anything.

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