“We are blessed to have this opportunity. It’s been a journey and it’s been rough, but it’s been worth it.”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner

Karina is a hard-working, devoted mother of three girls: Jackie, age 8; Anastasia, age 6; and Ariana, age 4. They love going to the park and being outside together. Her daughters have been the biggest motivating factor in pursuing home ownership. She wants to do things for them that are not possible in their current living situation.

Karina is a receptionist at the Vanderburgh County WIC Clinic, where she helps women, infants, and children with their needs. She has been there for two years. She is very close with her co-workers and receives encouragement and support from them when she is tired or discouraged.

The family currently lives in a two-bedroom apartment where the rent is nearly $1,000 a month. The three girls currently share a room, which, as time goes on, would make it difficult to find a place to do schoolwork or have a space for peace and quiet. The girls, especially Jackie, look forward to having their own space.

Karina learned about Habitat through her sister who is a Habitat homeowner. She had applied several years ago, but was denied. After her sister was approved, she decided to apply again and was approved. As she says, “I was beyond excited.”

Now that she is in the program, her life is even busier than before. With the required classes and the 300 hours of sweat equity, she is sometimes overwhelmed. However, she keeps pressing on and continues to work on finding a way to balance all her responsibilities. Having other future homeowners on the journey with her has helped tremendously and they help her keep going. She has met so many new people and made new friends. That was something she had not expected when she started. She says, “We can count on each other.”

Karina is very grateful to her sponsor and to the volunteers. “We’re very excited and very thankful. We are blessed to have this opportunity. It’s been a journey and it’s been rough, but it’s been worth it.”