Future Habitat Homeowner

“There are no words for what I feel. All I can say is thanks and God bless all of them.”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Louise and Jack

Louise is an extremely selfless person who finds joy in helping others. She has been taking care of her brother, Jack, since he became ill almost twenty years ago and became bedridden. She has also taken care of her 12-year-old cousin Isaiah since he was born. Between the two of them, she has very little free time. She has dealt with injuries and illnesses herself, but she says that “has made me a stronger and more determined person.”

Earlier in her life, she used to enjoy traveling back to Chicago and Mississippi to visit family. She grew up in Mississippi, where she worked in the cotton fields as a child. She is currently retired.

Louise and her family currently live in a small apartment that is not in good shape. For a long time, she lived with a hole in one of her rooms that went all the way to the apartment of the neighbors above her.

She learned about Habitat through a friend who had applied. She didn’t hesitate to apply, but didn’t really think she would be accepted. So often things in her life haven’t worked out, and she was afraid that this wouldn’t either. Still, she had some hope, and when she was accepted, she was incredibly excited.

Louise never imagined that she would be going back to school at this point in her life, but in a sense, she has. She takes numerous Habitat classes as part of her 300 hours of sweat equity. As she entered the program, she was a bit apprehensive because she had never owned a home and knew that she had much to learn. Not only has she learned about being a homeowner for the first time, but she has also met others in the program and made new friends. She describes the excitement of seeing her home being built: “The first time I actually saw folks working on the house, I nearly jumped in the air.”

When she moves into her home, she will finally be able to make it a place that is her own. She especially looks forward to decorating her new house and creating a small garden outside. She loves homegrown tomatoes, which will be the first thing she plants in her very own garden.

Louise is amazed and incredibly grateful to all who are taking their time to help build a house for her and her family. “There are no words for what I feel. All I can say is thanks and God bless all of them.”

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