Millennial Build

Evansville's Millennial Build consists of a committed group of millennial-aged individuals who are seeking to give back to their community and actively change the negative connotations associated with the millennial generation. With passionate leaders, the Millennial Build is actively engaging local millennials to create positive change in their local community. The Millennial Build is proud to sponsor their second Habitat home with new homeowner Vernice.

UCC/DOC & In Memory of Randall Goins Build

In 2019, the UCC/DOC churches for Habitat partnered with the Goins family to dedicate Habitat home #501 for Dominique. Now, they are joining together again to sponsor home #511 for Jennifer and her family. This sponsorship is to honor Randall Goins, longtime Habitat homeowner who passed in 2015. Thank you!

Otters & Eyewitness News

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, the Evansville Otters are co-sponsoring a Habitat home with Eyewitness News! This home is built in partnership with Kimiko and her family in the Jacobsville Neighborhood. This sponsorship brings together many different groups to help a family in need. Thank you!

Old National Bank Build

In 2017, Old National Bank (ONB) sponsored their first Habitat home for Kara M. Since then, ONB has sponsored Ashley B.'s home, Aishia H.'s home, and now Brenda B.'s home. With dedication expected later this year, this will mark ONB's fourth Habitat home in the Vanderburgh and Posey Counties.

Butch and Linda Feulner Build

To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, Butch and Linda Feulner are sponsoring a Habitat home for Kendra J. Kendra's home will be built in the Jacobsville neighborhood. Thank you to Butch and Linda for making Habitat a part of your celebration!

Alan and Sharon Braun Foundation Build

The 506th Habitat home in underway! This home, built with Alexis G. and her daughter, Aubree, is sponsored by longtime Habitat supporters Alan and Sharon Braun. With the hope to dedicate this home in June 2019, Habitat volunteers will be working hard on the build sites.

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union is excited to fully sponsor their second Habitat home with E'Lexis L.! ETFCU will be heavily involved from start to finish, including volunteering on build sites, connecting with E'Lexis, raising awareness for Habitat, and much more. Thank you ETFCU!

Lutherans for Habitat

Lutherans for Habitat is an organization of committed individuals representing both Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations in Evansville. They have been a valued, long-time partner with Habitat for Humanity of Evansville and are proud to sponsor the 29th Lutherans for Habitat home with new homeowner Tiffany S.