“The experience is life changing.  I will get to build our family’s home from the ground up and pick out the colors for everything; it’s so exciting!  It gives us something to look forward to.  This house will mean stability.” 

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner
Sarah O.

Sarah O. is a sweet, hardworking woman, who enjoys spending time with her daughter Wyllow (5).  The family cherishes their down time watching movies, doing puzzles and crafting together.  Although Covid-19 restrictions have limited their daily activities, the girls still love going to the park and to the zoo when weather permits.  Currently, Wyllow is into LOL dolls, Harry Potter, and dinosaurs.

For the last three years, Sarah has worked at Deaconess Gateway Hospital in the Environmental Services Department.  She states, “I answer the phone, kind of work as a team lead, and clean patient rooms.  I work weekends a lot, so Wyllow spends that time with her dad.”  Sarah goes on to say, “When Wyllow was 1 year old, I got divorced, and we moved in with my mom.  The house had a leaky roof and mold; so, it really wasn’t a good environment.  More recently, we all moved into a 2-bedroom townhouse together.  My mom has her own room, and I share a bedroom with my daughter.”

Although the family’s current situation works for now, it is cramped, so they are seeking a change.  “My mom’s good friend has a Habitat house.  After talking about it, my mom encouraged me to apply,” Sarah shares.  “The application process was super easy.  Getting the paperwork together was really the hardest part,” states Sarah.

Now, Sarah has been busy working on sweat equity and has over 100 hours completed.  She says, “The experience is life changing.  I will get to build our family’s home from the ground up and pick out the colors for everything; it’s so exciting!  It gives us something to look forward to.  This house will mean stability.”  Reflecting, Sarah mentions, “My family moved around when I was a teenager, so I know how it feels.  Now, I won’t have to keep moving my daughter around.  Our Habitat home will give Wyllow a safe space to call her own.  She will have her own room to decorate, and she will be able to truly make this her home.”  Sarah adds, “I am also looking forward to having my own space too!  I’m going to make the extra bedroom a craft and play room for us.  We have a Cricut for crafts, and Wyllow loves to paint; so, we are going to be crafting a lot in our new home!”

Wyllow does not yet know about the family’s Habitat home; Sarah plans to surprise her after the walls are raised to let her pick out a bedroom of her very own.

“I want to say a huge thank you to my house sponsor and the volunteers working on my home.  I couldn’t do this without you; and, I’m very appreciative.  What you [the volunteers and house sponsors] are doing is amazing for families.”

Looking to the future, Sarah is looking forward to spreading her wings and building stability for her family.  She is considering going to college after moving into her family’s new Habitat home.  “This house will give me a place to come home to and study.  Now, I can start really planning my future!”