Future Habitat Homeowner

“Having the opportunity to raise my son in a place that is permanent means everything. This is a new chapter for us!”

Every Homeowner Has a Story


Ariah is a resilient, faith-filled young mother who looks forward to living in her own home for the first time. She has faced the heartbreak of losing a child and has emerged from that with the strength and the faith to keep going. She no longer takes life for granted. She is devoted to her four-year-old son Eli and is determined, with the help of Habitat, to provide a stable and secure home for him.

Currently, Ariah works at Ameriqual as a line lead, where she has been for over a year. She and her son live in an apartment, and they have had to move from apartment to apartment due to rising rent. As a child, her family had to move frequently, and she looks forward to the stability of homeownership.

Ariah had heard the name “Habitat,” but knew nothing about how a person would apply or qualify. When she decided to apply, she didn’t have any expectations of being approved. However, when she learned she had been accepted into the program, it was a very exciting moment.

Ariah is very excited to help build her home from the ground up. She is so grateful to her sponsor and the volunteers who are helping her. She says, “They are such a blessing to me. None of this would be able to happen if it weren’t for them…I love the Core Crew. They are so kind and sweet and have taught me a lot.”

Her sister is also in the program right now, and they are going to be neighbors. She has also met other homeowners and made many new friends along this journey. Her son continues to be a huge motivator for her. She says, “Having the opportunity to raise him in a place that is permanent means everything to me.”

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