“We get to have our own house..not an apartment, but a house!”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner

Linda is a hard-working, family-oriented person who is determined to provide a safe and welcoming place for her family to visit. She has four grown children, four grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. She also has a dog. When she isn’t at Goodwill, where she has worked for over a year, she enjoys being outdoors tending to her flowers. Her co-workers at Goodwill have volunteered to help her with her required volunteer hours, and they plan to do the same with the house construction.

Currently, she lives in a house that has sky high utility bills and continuously needs expensive repairs. Trees have fallen on the house twice. Overall, the neighborhood has not been maintained, and there are problems with pests and rodents. She looks forward to the day when she can have much lower utility bills in a well-insulated, well-constructed Habitat home.

Linda was encouraged to apply with Habitat when she attended the dedication of her sister’s Habitat home. She had a bit of a roadblock during the application process, but the people at Habitat helped guide her through everything. With fierce determination and a little help, she will soon be in a permanent, stable house that she can “really make her own.”

Linda spends a lot time volunteering at the Habitat office, and has enjoyed getting to know the people there. She also volunteers at the ReStore. At times all the work feels overwhelming, but it is during those times that she really leans into the Lord. “I always pray and ask God to keep guiding me, and with His guidance I can’t go wrong.”

When Linda learned she had been approved for a Habitat house, her first words were “Thank you, Lord!” She is also thankful for her sponsors, and she wants them to know that while she is not perfect, she is determined. She hopes to have a cookout in her own backyard to thank her sponsors and all those who have helped her on this journey.