Heavan 2

“This house will mean everything. It will be more than just a house to us—this will be our forever home. This is proof that God does answer prayers, it just takes time.”

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner

Heavan is a private, thoughtful woman and a dedicated mother of her two sons, Isaiah (5) and Elijah (2). The boys are close, and as the younger of the two, Elijah is eager to “follow Isaiah around” and do anything his big brother does. As a family, they frequently go to the park or spend time playing outside. Elijah is all about lions and dinosaurs, and Isaiah loves all things WWE wrestling. Isaiah is starting school in the fall, which is difficult for Heavan. She explains “That’s my baby boy and he’s growing up… it’s like I blinked and now he’s ready for Kindergarten.”

Heavan has little time for herself. She loves her boys deeply and is glad to let her world revolve primarily around them. She describes herself as someone “simple” who enjoys the small pleasures life has to offer and does not have extra time to set aside for hobbies or special interests. She works hard as a CNA for her company. Her days on the job involve going from house to house, taking care of folks in their own homes, and she says she truly loves her job and the people she cares for.

Currently, this little family’s living situation is far from idyllic. They make the best of their situation because it is what can be afforded on Heavan’s single income, but the house they stay in is old and provides very little livable space. Heavan, Isaiah and Elijah live entirely out of one bedroom, one bathroom and their kitchen. They do not have a usable living room or a proper yard, and the house does not have air conditioning or reliable heating. Even their windows are nonfunctioning. “Right now, my kids hate me being busy and doing all these classes and calls for Habitat,” Heavan says. “But they don’t understand yet. They are going be so excited to have their own rooms. I’m not even used to having my own room, I haven’t for 5 years. I won’t even know what to do, I’ll have so much space.”

When Heavan first learned about the Habitat program, it seemed like an amazing opportunity for her family that would allow them to flourish and build a forever home. Due to the debt Heavan had accrued at the time, she was denied for the program twice, but that didn’t deter her—instead, it motivated her to do even better. “I worked so hard to pay off all my debt in two months so I could reapply,” she shares. The third time she put in her application, she was relieved to be invited to the program after her hard work. “I cried when I got accepted,” she shares.

Now Heavan is now a third of the way through the Habitat homeownership program and well on her way toward building a beautiful home in partnership with staff and volunteers. She has been consistently finishing her sweat equity hours ahead of schedule. She’s busier now than ever as she juggles family, work and Habitat, but the end result will be well worth it. She knows a more stable, secure life is waiting for her family and an affordable, spacious, safe home will make an immeasurable difference in their lives. “I’m excited to have a home we can enjoy and really live, she says. “In our current home we just exist. I’m very thankful to have a roof over my head, but it’s the minimum,” She continues, “This house will mean everything. It will be more than just a house to us—this will be our forever home. This is proof that God does answer prayers, it just takes time.”