Future Habitat Homeowner

“It’s going to be a new chapter in our lives where we can make new memories together."

Every Homeowner Has a Story


Megan is a hard-working, generous person whose life centers around her six-year-old son Garrett. She works two jobs and still finds time to volunteer at The Potter’s Wheel, while also working on her Habitat volunteer hours. She loves spending time outdoors with her son– fishing, camping, or simply going on walks together.

Currently Megan and Garrett live in an older mobile home with limited space. Since their home is in a flood zone, the area is constantly wet and muddy. There is no yard or play area for Garrett. She is looking forward to her son being able to walk out the back door and having a safe place to play.

Megan learned about Habitat through a friend who encouraged her to apply. She was turned down at first, but her friend urged her to keep trying. She continued to work on her application, and after four years, she was accepted into the program. As Megan said in her interview, “All my life I’ve been taught not to give up, so I’ve learned not to give up easily.”

Megan has loved every moment of the Habitat journey so far. She has enjoyed seeing the process for others and taking part in their journeys. She has also loved the classes she has taken and looks forward to participating in more of them. She is especially looking forward to the classes in financial planning. Megan is confident that the classes will enable her to take control of her future. She also loves volunteering at the ReStore.

Megan considers her journey to home ownership “a new chapter in our lives.” She looks forward to being able to focus on the things that matter– like providing a safe place for Garrett to thrive and “enjoy being a kid.” After her Habitat journey is over, she intends to continue volunteering at the ReStore and donating her hours to future Habitat homeowners. She wants to “pay it forward” and help others who are on the same journey.

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