“I just praise God for Habitat.” 

Every Homeowner Has a Story

Future Habitat Homeowner

Tim has one son, age 20, who will also have a room in Tim’s Habitat home. Tim works as a substitute teacher for schools in both Vanderburgh and Warrick County, and he also officiates sports. Before that, he was a full-time special education teacher. He also helps care for his elderly mother. He has a very busy, but not always predictable, schedule. He enjoys spending time with his son whenever he can, and the two of them love going to the zoo and to museums.

Currently Tim lives in an apartment with a rent that is higher than his house payment will be in his Habitat home. He didn’t qualify for a traditional loan because of his fluctuating income, but Habitat has given him this chance to become a homeowner. He has greatly benefitted from the Habitat classes on money management, and his Habitat budget partner has helped him develop a plan to ensure that his monthly expenses are always covered.

Tim learned about Habitat through a relative who is a Habitat homeowner. He applied and was delighted to be accepted. Habitat was able to work with him in ways that traditional financial institutions couldn’t, and he is forever grateful for this opportunity.

Tim has greatly enjoyed the time he has spent in the Habitat program, working on both his own home and on the homes of other Habitat families. His life has become busier, but when something needs to be done, he is determined to do it. His work on Habitat houses has given him a great sense of accomplishment.

Once he moves into the home he helped build he says that he wants to continue helping his current Habitat family and other future homeowners, saying, “I want them to make it too.” He has already donated some of his sweat equity hours to other future homeowners in the program.

More than anything, Tim looks forward to having a place that his son can call home, and hopefully one day, have a safe place for grandchildren. He is so thankful for Habitat and all the people who have had a part in this process – the Core Crew and volunteers working on the home, his sponsor, and everyone who is making homeownership possible.

“I just praise God for Habitat.”