Future Habitat Homeowner

“I cannot express my thanks enough. I’ve never felt more loved in my entire life and I am forever indebted to everyone.”

Every Homeowner Has a Story


Shai’Aveyon truly loves people and has a heart for giving. She has chosen to work in a job that helps people (Albion Fellows Bacon Center), and when she isn’t working there, she volunteers at the House of Bread and Peace, another place that helps people in difficult situations. She is devoted to her family and her empathy and compassion is evident in everything she does.

She has been at the Albion Fellows Bacon Center for five years, where she serves as a domestic violence advocate. She wants to help people get out of difficult situations and thrive.

Shai’Aveyon currently lives at home with her mother and younger brother. She is a very hard worker, but she has not yet been able to become financially independent. She has found the Habitat classes in money management extremely helpful and empowering. She loves her family, but wants to be on her own. The Habitat program is helping her to achieve her dream of independence through homeownership.

Shai’Aveyon’s mother also has a Habitat home, and it was her mother who first encouraged her to apply. However, Shai’Aveyon didn’t think she would be accepted because she thought the program was mainly for people with children. She would love to have a family of her own someday but thought the Habitat program wouldn’t be an option for her before then. When she found out that her application had been accepted, she was extremely excited and immediately went home to share the news with her mom.

Habitat is allowing Shai’Aveyon a chance at a future she didn’t think was possible. Her biggest challenge has been completing all her sweat equity hours on top of everything else she does. However, her coworkers have been very supportive. They have donated some sweat equity hours to her and are always asking how they can help. The Habitat program brings out the best in people!

Shai’Aveyon can hardly wait to cook a big meal for her entire family and host everyone in her new home. Her family has already designated her home the “holiday house.” She is also excited about having other Habitat homeowners as neighbors.

Shai’Aveyon is incredibly grateful to her sponsor and to all the volunteers working on her house. She says, “I cannot express my thanks enough. I’ve never felt more loved in my entire life, and I am forever indebted to all of them.”

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